• Two Lists to Complete Before Leaving to the Hospital

    Two Lists to Complete Before Leaving to the Hospital

    by Dr. Ted Tyberg

    1. What to Do to Prepare for Hospitalization

    • Arrange child care, car pools and school related matters
    • Plan for pet and plant care, grocery shopping, cooking, snow removal, and other household responsibilities.
    • Obtain medications, dressings, equipment, or special foods that your doctor recommends.
    • Determine who will handle your responsibilities at work. Arrange storage for your car.
    • Cancel newspaper delivery.
    • Have mail held or picked up by a neighbor.
    • Make sure a trusted neighbor or building superintendent has a key to your home or the phone number of a relative or friend in case of a problem.
    • Arrange for someone to check on elderly parents.
    • Plan for post hospital companionship and care.
    • Plan for adapting your home if you will be disabled ( ie a ramp if you are wheelchair bound)


    2. Nine Things to Bring With You to The Hospital

    • Nightgown or pajamas
    • Bathrobe and slippers
    • Entertainment
    • Medications
    • Pillow
    • Toiletries
    • Notebook and pens
    • Phone numbers
    • Alarm clock or watch
    • Remember that valuables may disappear from your hospital room. Do not bring anything valuable or irreplaceable.


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