• Tone it Down

    Tone it Down

    By Dr. Ted Tyberg                                                     March 3rd, 2015

    A report by the World Health Organization ( WHO ) warns that some 1.1 billion (yes, billion) young adults in middle and high income countries are putting their hearing at risk by using personal audio devices unsafely and exposing themselves to damaging sound levels. This may be exacerbated by exposure to deafening sound levels at bars, nightclubs and other entertainment venues.

    Research suggests that ½ of young adults ages 12-35 are exposed to these unsafe noise levels. WHO recommends turning down the volume on personal audio equipment and limiting their use to less than one hour a day. The group also encourages the use of earplugs at noisy venues.

    In addition, the group notes that exposure to noise levels of 100 decibels or greater is safe for no more than 15 minutes. This is the amount of noise produced by a hair dryer or subway train.

    Does anyone believe that our young people are going to heed this warning?

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