• Hospital Greatness: More Factors Weighing In

    Hospital Greatness: More Factors Weighing In

    By Dr. Ted Tyberg

    For the 27th time, US News and World Report has released their ranking of the best hospitals in the United States as well as a state by state ranking.  At the same time, the editors have described and updated the methodology used to compile the rankings. One can quibble with a hospital’s position, and decry the entire concept of ranking, but I believe it serves a purpose.

    No hospital administrator would be pleased with a diminished ranking and would strive to improve those facets of care that determined the drop, thereby improving patient care. For those people who can choose which hospital to go to, the ranking can improve the decision making.

    What are the factors that make a hospital great? In the past, it would be reputation and a simple calculation of how sick the patient population was and what the results were. Now, patient satisfaction, cleanliness, rates of hospital acquired infections and service to the community matter as well.

    Food service – previously a weak spot – has been receiving more attention. Cooking healthy meals for different requirements, all to be served at the same time is understandably difficult. One of the major problems has been how to deliver them in a timely fashion. Executive hospital chefs are grappling with this problem and will be trying innovative new approaches.

    Many hospitals now give family members beepers (restaurants have done this for years) so that any news can be transmitted immediately.

    It is important to remember however that your personal physician is at least as important as the hospital. Arriving at a new hospital as an unknown might not be the best choice. All of this must factor in the decision.

    Personally, I am proud to be on staff at the 6th ranked hospital in the country and impressed that 3 of the top 10 are in Manhattan. How did your city fare in this rating?

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