What to Expect

  • What to Expect in the Hospital

    What to Expect in the Hospital

    Hospital Admissions are for treatment of illness that cannot be treated at home or on an ambulatory basis Diagnostic Admissions are no longer commonly performed as they are not covered by most insurance plans The majority of admissions are emergencies through the ER or day of procedure admissions Being Admitted the evening before your surgery

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  • Lines & Alarms

    Lines & Alarms

    A line is a tube or wire that enters your body through a “port” – natural opening or one created by the physician. The purpose of lines is to: Monitor your vital functions. Record what is happening to all your organs such as your heart, lungs, and kidneys. Measure critical variables – for example, the

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  • After Surgery

    After Surgery

    Specialty Unit for Monitoring of Patients Following Surgery Subspecialization of Recovery Room Units exist for Care of Patients Following Cardiac Surgery, NeuroSurgery, etc. For Most Surgery the Stay in the Recovery is Relatively Short (1-2 times length of surgery) prior to transfer to room or discharge facility for ambulatory patients Lines and Monitors Vary –

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