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  • The Pain Medication Dilemma

    The Pain Medication Dilemma

    By Dr. Kenneth Rothaus Abuse of prescriptions for opioid-based painkillers is becoming the focus of increased regulatory activity on the federal and state levels. For example, as of March 27th in New York State paper prescriptions will become a thing of the past.  All physicians practicing in New York must e-prescribe. This is in addition

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  • Risks With NSAIDs

    Risks With NSAIDs

    By Dr. Ted Tyberg The Food and Drug Administration ( FDA ) strengthened the warning labels this week on a host of over the counter ( OTC ) drugs known as NSAIDs – non steroidal anti inflammatory drugs. This includes popular OTC medications such as Advil and Aleve, as well as prescription drugs Celebrex and

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  • New Programs for Providing Proactive and Urgent Care

    New Programs for Providing Proactive and Urgent Care

    By Dr. Kenneth Rothaus There have been many recent reports in the conventional media and internet about programs designed to decrease both, the incidence of primary admissions and the numbers of patients that get readmitted after a hospitalization. Anthem Blue Cross ACO of California is one such organization. An ACO or accountable care organization links

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  • ER’s Not Ready For Children?

    ER’s Not Ready For Children?

    By Dr. Kenneth Rothaus – April 29th, 2015 There was an article by Laura Landro this week in the Wall Street Journal on the availability of pediatric care in hospital emergency rooms. It was interesting (and more than a little disconcerting) to learn that of the 30 million children treated in hospital emergency rooms each

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  • Rural Hospital Closings Prove Fatal

    Rural Hospital Closings Prove Fatal

    By Dr. Kenneth Rothaus A Texas newspaper ran a disturbing story about the ramifications of the closure of rural hospitals. The story may be about Texas but I bet it is not unique and is occurring in many other states as well. As the article points out. the situation in Texas may be worse as

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  • POLST and Advance Directives

    POLST and Advance Directives

    By Dr. Kenneth Rothaus, MD The New York Times (Tuesday March 17, 2015 page D2) recounted the story of an elderly man who had an advance directive that stated in the case of a critical medical problem he wanted to be comfortable only, and did not wanted any heroic measures. Unfortunately, several years later he

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