• Facts about Zika (so far)

    Facts about Zika (so far)

    By Dr. Ted Tyberg

    As the Zika virus spreads inexorably northward, and the Olympics will be held in an endemic area, it is important to be aware of the most recent Center for Disease Control  ( CDC ) recommendations.

    Firstly, it should be noted that there have been 0 cases of Zika from infected mosquito bites in the continental US.

    The virus can be transmitted sexually and apparently remains in semen longer than in blood. Men can have Zika and not know it and transmit it. It is therefore recommended that if a man has been in a Zika area and has been bitten by mosquitos, that he use condoms for 6 months to avoid pregnancy. Thus far, it does not appear that women can transmit the virus sexually.

    A woman with Zika should avoid pregnancy for at least 2 months. If pregnant, a condom should be used when having intercourse with a potentially infected male.

    Generally, avoid mosquito bites.

    The Aedes mosquito generally bites during the daytime.

    Over the next few months, scientists will learn more about transmissibility, duration of risk, and likelihood of complications. We will keep you informed.

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