Insurance and hospital fees

  • Is This An Omen?

    Is This An Omen?

      By Dr. Kenneth Rothaus UnitedHealth Care recently announced that it would withdraw from offering individual health care policies under the ACA in Michigan. This is apparently the third state in which UnitedHealth Care has decided to withdraw from offering individual policies under ACA mandates. The reason for the withdrawal is simple.  UnitedHealth Care is

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  • ACA’s Sticker Shock

    ACA’s Sticker Shock

    By Dr. Kenneth Rothaus Insurance companies around the country are filling requests with their state insurance regulators for their premiums for 2016. As reported throughout the media including the New York Times, the Wall Street Journal and CNBC, “sticker shock” is about to hit the consumer. Insurance companies are requesting premium increases as high as

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  • Dollar and Cents – Two Flip $ides of the Affordable Care Act

    Dollar and Cents – Two Flip $ides of the Affordable Care Act

    By Dr. Kenneth Rothaus A recent article in the New York Times entitled “New Rules to Limit Tactics on Hospitals’ Fee Collections” by Robert Pear ( January 11, 2015 ) examines how rules enacted by the Federal government under the Affordable Care Act will put limits on fees charged and collection efforts for unpaid invoices.

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