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  • Call for Extension of Deadline to Sign Up for Health Care

    Call for Extension of Deadline to Sign Up for Health Care

    By Dr. Kenneth Rothaus Many of the news media have reported on an effort by Senate Democrats to extend the deadline for signing up for health care which passed at midnight on Sunday February 15th.   The reasons given include both those with some validity and those that appear, at least somewhat, political. The former include:

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  • Smoking Effects — Twins and Aging

    Smoking Effects — Twins and Aging

    I am a practicing plastic surgeon so it will probably not come as a surprise that many of the articles I discuss will come from the plastic surgery literature (as I am sure Dr. Tyberg’s articles will reflect his specialty of medical cardiology). There was a recent article in the November issue of the journal Plastic

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  • Prevention of Disease

    Prevention of Disease

    According to the CDC (Center for Disease Control: the leading causes of death in the United States for 2011 (the latest year that the data is available on their website) were in order as follows: 1- Heart disease 2- Cancer 3- Chronic Respiratory Diseases 4- Stroke 5- Accidents 6- Alzheimer’s 7- Diabetes 8- Influenza and

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